A small sample of the work I have done this year.

A medical article:

"Pharmacological treatment continued after the patient was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit, and transfusions of red cell concentrates (RCC), platelet concentrates (PC) and fresh frozen plasma (FFP) stabilised the patient. Then a gastroscopy was performed and haemorrhagic gastritis of the entire stomach was discovered. A continuous infusion of somatostatin was introduced. Over the following 6 hours at the ICU, the patient deteriorated further. There were symptoms of septic shock (respiratory failure, circulatory failure and fever), and bacteriological tests revealed Staphylococcus hominis MRSA. The patient was intubated and given respiratory therapy, inotropic drugs (catecholamines), broad-spectrum antibiotics including anti-fungals, and granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF).

A contract:

1.    Detailed regulations concerning the principles of cooperation, Partners’ obligations and other provisions that the Partners acknowledge to be essential, such as the method by which orders are placed, conditions of supply, payment deadlines, etc., will be in line with the conditions of the tender and will be regulated by separate agreements.  

In the context of this agreement and solely in order to implement its GOAL, .A. undertakes to use .B. technology provided exclusively by .C. or sub-groups favoured by .C., subject to the conditions described in Annex 2 – price list. An example of the configuration and an estimate of the modules for one-way traffic is presented in Annex 2 – price list (highlighted …).

Discharge summary notes:

1. Liver is normal in size, with a homogeneous, intensified echostructure and no visible focal lesions.

2. Normally-situated gall bladder with sharp contours, without concrements or other pathology.

3. Common bile duct of normal width; no concrements in the lumen of the section observed.

4. Pancreas of normal size and echostructure.

5. Symmetrical kidneys of normal size and echostructure, no urinary stasis.

6. No pathology in the spleen.

7. Urinary bladder poorly distended.

8. Abdominal aorta of normal width.

No fluid in abdominal cavity.